Two Loops Control Panel

Referencia: CAD-150-2


DETNOV's range of analogue control panels has been approved according to EN54-2 and EN54-4 regulations to cover all the requirements of small and medium installations.

This range of fire control panels is made up of 2 models, and it offers 1 and 2 loop models. Each loop may control up to 250 elements, and a limitless number of detectors and modules can be installed. The communication and power supply between the loop elements and the fire control panel is carried out through 2 wires. The element connection supports non-polarity.

The features common to the range include two relay outputs on the panel for the alarm state and the fault state, two supervised sounder outputs and a permanent 24V auxiliary power supply output. It also has option to connect an optional communication card to enable the system to be remotely controlled and integrated with other systems.

CAD 150-1 and CAD 150-2 fire control panels may be installed on the network with other fire control panels and DETNOV repeaters. The networked system may reach up to 32 nodes.

Fire control panels have a keyboard that lets you choose and personalize the language required, and a 40x4 character display that presents all the needed information through menus and sub-menus with easy browsing using the control keyboard. They also have a system status LED and 20 LEDs for displaying the fire state and fault state of the different fire zones.

The fire control panel has an auto-search option, which facilitates the commissioning of the system by reducing execution costs. The intuitive software let you name the loop elements, assign elements to the zones, and create event-action pairs in the system's inputs and outputs.


     Auto-search function
     Auto-check function
     Double address detection
     Up to 4.000 events log register
     Quick access keys for browsing
     Up to 250 zones per software
     20 zone indications
     250 elements per loop without polarity
     Up to 50 sounders per loop
     Alarm and fault relays
     Two supervised sounder outputs
     24V auxiliary output
     Day and night configuration
     Detector sensitivity configuration
     Configuration software
     USB port for configuration
     Installation on network
     EN54-2 and EN54-4 approved


DETNOV's range of analogue fire control panels, CAD-150-1 and CAD-150-2, are ideal products to cover all the requirements of small and medium installations. Thanks to their features, these fire control panels are simple to install and have an excellent quality-price relationship, making them ideal products for protected areas in which up to 500 detection points are required for each fire control panel, with up to 16.000 detection points in networked systems. Their typical applications are: shopping malls, schools, industries, car parks, etc.

Technical features

Control Panel
Power supply: 90 - 264VAC
Battery capacity: 2 x 7.5Ah
   Maximum quantity of elements: 250
   Maximum load: 400 mA
   Maximum loop length: 2 Km
   Maximum cable resistance: 44 Ohm
   Maximum cable capacity: 500 nF/Km
Sounder output:
    Maximum load: 500 mA per output
    Delay configuration: Software
Free contact relay output: 10A to 30VCC
24V auxiliary output: 500 mA

Operating temperature: From -5ºC to +40ºC
Relative humidity: 95% without condensation
IP Index: IP30

Physical features

Size: 443 mm x 268 mm x 109 mm
Size with packaging: 480 mm x 310 mm x 200 mm
Weight (without batteries): 1,9 Kg

EN54-2 and EN54-4
Certificate number: 0370-CPD-0994


Size: 443 mm x 268 mm x 109 mm
Size with packaging: 480 mm x 310 mm x 200 mm
Weight (without batteries): 1,9 Kg


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