CCD-103 / Extinguishing control panel for 1 risk (3 detection zones)

Referencia: CCD-103


Extinguishing control panel for 1 risk (3 detection zones). 1 output for the activation of the bottle and 1 output for activating the sign, 2 inputs for monitoring the bottle, manual call point inputs: release, abort and pause, 2 sounder outputs for the two possible states extinguishing process, configurable extinction fire delay, 3 modes of operation of the extinguishing block: Manual, automatic and canceled, 2 inputs for monitoring the enclosure: door and ventilation. Historical event log. Possibility to connect to PC via USB for complex programming and event download. Integrable to addressable systems directly from the addressable loop. Certificate EN12094/1 and CPR EN54-2 and EN54-4. Dimensions: 443 x 268 x 109 mm. Requires 2 BTD-1207 batteries (not included).


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