Extinguishing control

Referencia: CCD-103


The CCD-103 fire control and Extinguishing control panel is a compact solution for a detection and extinction system. It has been certified according to EN12094/1 and EN54 parts 2 and 4 in order to meet all the requirements of small and medium installations. The CCD-103 consists of two blocks, one detection bloc and one extinction block.
The detection block has been designed on the bases of the features of our range of Conventional Panels CCD-100. 
The extinguishing block is composed of all the functions required in a one risk extinguishing system. It allows controlling the activation of the extinguishing bottle and the warning sign, and also a manual control of the extinguishing process. A flow and pressure indicators provides a monitoring facility for the extinction bottle, and the two possible extinguishing states are indicated by means two sounder outputs.  The control over the area is guaranteed through the surveillance of the area’s door together with the fan control.
The frontal panel presents a clear interface, with indicators for the operation status, a countdown timer that shows the time remaining until the extinguishing agent is discharged, two Key-operated selector switches, one for the working mode, and the other to lock.
The CCD-103 also offers the possibility to connect optional cards such as relay cards, sounders cards and /or a communication card that allow the Integration of the panel in any  Detnov’s Analog System.
The configuration of the panel can be performed through its own keypad, or through the configuration software, and allow the user to customize the functionality of the system in a simple and flexible way.
The configuration software of the CCD-103 allows also the possibility to obtain the history of events recorded by the panel.


    Three conventional detection zones and one extinction risk
    1 supervised sounder output
    Sounder delay configuration on board
    One output for the activation of the bottle and one for the warning sign activation.
    Two inputs for the bottle surveillance: one for the pressure and one for the flow.
    Three MCP inputs: start, stop and hold .
    Two sounder outputs for the indication of the two possible extinguishing states.
    Configurable extinguishing delay on board.
     Working modes for the extinction block: Manual, automatic and disabled.
    Two inputs for the area’s surveillance: one for the door and one for the fan.
    Event History register.
    Multilingual keyboard.
    Optional communication card that allows the integration in an Analog loop.
    Configuration Software.


The CCD-100 range of fire control panels are ideal products to meet all the requirements of small and medium installations. Thanks to their simplicity of installation and excellent quality-price ratio, these fire control panels are ideal for protected areas where up to 256 conventional fire detectors are required, such as shopping malls, schools, industrial buildings, car parks, etc.

Technical features

Control Panel
Power supply: 90 - 264VAC 65W
Battery capacity: 2 x 2.3Ah / 2 x 7.5Ah
   Max. alarm current consumption: 82 mA
   Max. quiescent current consumption: 3.5 mA
   Max. detectors per zone: 32
   Max. cable resistance per zone: 44 Ohms
Sounder output:
    Maximum load: 450 mA per output
    Delay configuration: from 0 to 10 minutes
Free contact relay output: 10A to 30VCC
24V auxiliary output:450 mA
24V resettable output:
    Maximum load: 450 mA (2)
    Replacement time: 5 seconds
Operating temperature: From -5ºC to +40ºC
Relative humidity: 95% without condensation
IP Index: IP30

Physical features
Size: 443 mm x 268 mm x 109 mm
Size with packaging: 480 mm x 310 mm x 200 mm
Weight (without batteries): 1,9 Kg

EN54-2 and EN54-4
Certificate number: 0370-CPR-1868


Size: 443 mm x 268 mm x 109 mm
Size with packaging: 480 mm x 310 mm x 200 mm
Weight (without batteries): 1,9 Kg


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