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Unique design, reliability and Detnov functionality

Products manufactured entirely in Europe

Over 20 years devoted to protection and safety for all types of facilities

Safety and security for all types of installations

Monoxide Systems

The latest advances in technology, adaptability and proven reliability mean that we have the leading products in the sector, a fact which is further consolidated by an elegant design and a 100% reliable detection capacity, not only because of their response time but also because of the accuracy of their detection.

The entire range is designed to fully optimise their operation, thanks to the exclusive system which automatically regulates the speed of the motors which are responsible for air extraction and renewal, which results in the facility consuming less energy. Furthermore, this system makes it possible to minimise noise emissions in the environment, both when turning it on and off and during the air renewal process. Safe, efficient and invisible products to protect facilities where the concentration of these gases is a real threat to health.