MMD-509 / CO Module for expanding system

Referencia: MMD-509


The MMD-509 is a CO module for expanding the system. Each module allows connection of up to 32 detectors connected to 2 wires without polarity, with a maximum distance of 1 Km. The module has three programmable level relays, extraction 1 and extraction 2 and alarm.

Each module includes a display showing the CO concentration of the zones. Each of them can control the air renewal group manually or automatically. The automatic control lets you work in an advanced mode in which the overall system's power consumption is reduced. In order to obtain this reduction, the module performs algorithms to minimize the air renewal output activations by taking the individual measurement of each detector in the zone.

Each zone module lets you connect up to 32 DMD-500 or DMDP-500 carbon monoxide detectors. The connection to the module is done through 2 wires, the detectors may be distributed along 2,000 meters in length and each detector covers 200 m2; this value is defined as the maximum surface in current legislation.


     UNE 23300:1984 approved
     LOM 08MOGA3532 Certificate
     Modular and expandable system
     Up to 19,000 m2 protected area
     1, 2 and 3 zones per panel
     Concentration indication per zone
     2 extraction relay outputs per zone
     1 alarm relay output per zone
     Up to 32 detectors per zone
     Two-wire connection without polarity
     Working mode for low power consumption
     Control option per speed regulator
     System's remote control option
     Multi-language keyboard


Car parks or other places where concentrations of CO can accumulate.

Technical features

Module for expanding
Zone module:
   Measurement range: 0 to 300 ppm of CO
   Measurement units: ppm in 3 digits
   Module connections: Removable terminal blocks Ø 2.5 mm2
   Zone connections: 2 wires
   Maximum zone distance: 2 km 1.5 mm2 wire
   Maximum detectors per zone: 2 detectors
   Extraction output level 1: Relay (C, NC, NO)
   Extraction output level 2: Relay (C, NC, NO)
   Alarm output: Relay (C, NC, NO)
   Extraction levels: Selectable from 0 to 299 ppm
   Alarm level: Selectable from 0 to 299 ppm
   Operating modes:
        Automatic (maximum CO concentration)
        Automatic (average CO concentration)
        Manual extraction always off (OFF)
        Manual extraction always on (ON)


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