Address Programmer

Referencia: PGD-200


The PGD-200 is a hand-held tool that is used to assign addresses to elements in the loop. The range of addresses is from 1 to 250, and none are reserved for detectors nor modules. Some elements can use more than one address; PGD-200 takes this feature into account and automatically calculates the correct address to avoid having different elements with the same address.

The PGD-200 programmer has a display to show all the needed information; the display is lighted by LED, and can be switched on and off to let you work with the tool in dark environments and to save battery when there is enough light to use the tool.

Three programs are available:

1 - Automatically and sequentially assigns an address to the elements. After connecting the element and pressing the √ button, the address displayed on the tool is programmed into the element and another one is generated for the next element to be programmed.

2 - Assigns an address selected by the user. The user can select the address by pressing the up and down keys; once the address is selected, it can be programmed into the element with the √ key.

3 - Shows the address and the analogue value of the element connected to the programmer.


     Hand-held tool
     Battery-operated device
     Low current consumption
     Direct connection to elements (detectors/modules)


Maintenance and commissioning operations in any Detnov’s analogue fire detection system.

Technical features

Loop features:
   Automatic and sequential element addressing
   Manual element addressing
   Analogue value display

Power Supply
3 x 9V battery-operated
Operating temperature: From -10ºC to +70ºC
Relative humidity: 95% without condensation
IP Index: IP20

2 x 8 characters

Physical features
Size: 439 mm x 268 mm x 112 mm
Material: ABS


Size: 439 mm x 268 mm x 112 mm