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Beam detection has always been seen as the most economical way to protect large areas, but in the past this was seen as unreliable. Building movement and accessibility made beam detection unreliable, difficult, time consuming to commission and hard to maintain. Only now, with the introduction of the beam advanced technology, is reliability no longer a problem and beam detection be used with complete confidence.
The beam will self-align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.
So what makes the beam different?
Two main attributes make the beam stand out from the crowd. A motorised beam head that continually self-aligns, and a low level controller from which all major functions can be performed.
The Motorised Head
The beam Motorised HeadUp until now, aligning an optical beam could well have been a nightmare, often giving uncertain results that can lead to false alarms. By utilising motors within the beam head the beam can make commissioning a safer and more accurate procedure. Our unique method of using high quality stepper motors allows us to make micro adjustments of just 1/40 of 1 degree to the beam head. This is automatically controlled by software which finds and continually monitors its position in relation to the reflector. A simple commissioning procedure ensures that you achieve perfect alignment every time and that your beam will keep that alignment.
Building movement is the enemy of beam detection, as the smallest movement of a building through heat changes or settlement will move a beam off its target (imagine a couple of degrees of movement in a 100m building). The beam will continually monitor any movement and re-align itself automatically. How many times have you had to return to a site and re-align beams at high level, and at what expense?


     Commission the beam from ground level
     Manually move the beam head
     View the air quality
     View the status of the beam
     Change sensitivity thresholds
     Change the time to fire and fault
     Make the alarm latching or non latching
     Turn on and off the green flashing light
     See fire and fault counts
     See how much compensation has been made for dirt build up (you will only have to clean the head and reflector when it needs it)
     Complete a self test
     Turn the beam on and off (it will reset itself after 8 hours)
     Adjust output and receiver settings
     Even monitor the temperature at the beam head


Great cost savings can be made over spot and air sampling systems. For example, just one beam can be used instead of 16 spot detectors so cost savings can be considerable. Furthermore, wiring to a single head is more cost effective than fitting yards of air sampling tubing.
Our advanced technology will greatly reduce commissioning time. It is commonplace for us to see 25 beams fully commissioned in less than one day. You simply start with one beam and move onto the next, then the next, all from ground level. Spending hours working at height trying to align beams is a thing of the past. Furthermore, self-alignment in normal service means not having to go back and re-align the beam after building movement - again saving time and the expense of lifting equipment, not to mention the disruption this causes your customers.

Technical features

Beam Detector
Supply Voltage: 10.2 to 30 VDC
Supply Current: 3.5mA (constant current) in all operational states
Constant Current: 17mA (constant current) in fast commissioning
Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
Humidity :10 to 95% RH Non-condensing
Protection Index: IP65 when suitably mounted and terminated
Physical features
Beam Head: 180mm x155mm x 137mm - Weight 1.1kg
Controller: 185mm x 120mm x 62mm - Weight 0.55kg
Mid Range Kit: 293mm x 293mm x 5mm - Weight 0.8kg
Long Range Kit: 394mm x 394mm x 5mm - Weight 1.8kg
Unistrut Adaptor: 270mm x 250mm x 5mm - Weight 0.6Kg
EN 54-12: 2002
Certificate number: 0333-CPD-075239


Beam Head: 180mm x155mm x 137mm
Controller: 185mm x 120mm x 62mm
Mid Range Kit: 293mm x 293mm x 5mm
Long Range Kit: 394mm x 394mm x 5mm
Unistrut Adaptor: 270mm x 250mm x 5mm 


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