Analogue Repeater

Referencia: RAD-150


The RAD-150 repeater is an accessory for any CAD-150 analogue control panel installation. Its use is recommended when remote control or visualization is required. The RAD-150 let you supervise and act from a control position that is remote from the main installation.

The repeater includes a 40x4 character display, control keys and it may be installed on the wall or fitted into the wall. The display reproduces all the information shown by DETNOV's analogue fire control panel, letting you know the status of the installation.

The keys let you browse through the different repeater menus and carry out actions such as resetting the main fire-fighting system, muting the system and switching the sounders on and off.

CAD 150-4 and CAD 150-8 fire control panels may be installed on the network with other fire control panels and DETNOV repeaters. The networked system may reach up to 32 nodes.

The repeater is considered a network node, with a range a maximum of 32 devices (analogue fire control panels and repeaters), through a 2 x 1.5 mm2 twisted cable.


     Quick access keys for browsing
     40x4 character display
     Can be fit into the wal
     Up to 32 nodes networked system


The RAD-150 repeater is an accessory for any installation that may require supervision or control from an external control point to the main fire control panel (for example, a reception point or the different stages of a hospital). The repeaters' installation minimizes the reaction time in the event of an alarm or fault situation.

Technical features

Power supply: 90 - 264VAC
Battery capacity: 2 x 7.5Ah
Communication network:
   Maximum quantity of elements: 32
   Network configuration: Ring or bus network
   Maximum length between nodes: 1 Km
Sounder output:
    Maximum load: 500 mA per output
    Delay configuration: Software
Free contact relay output: 10A to 30VCC
24V auxiliary output: 500 mA

Operating temperature: From -5ºC to +40ºC
Relative humidity: 95% without condensation
IP Index: IP30

Physical features
Size: 443 mm x 268 mm x 109 mm
Size with packaging: 480 mm x 310 mm x 200 mm
Weight (without batteries): 1,9 Kg


Size: 443 mm x 268 mm x 109 mm
Size with packaging: 480 mm x 310 mm x 200 mm
Weight (without batteries): 1,9 Kg