Analogue Panel Two Loops Card

Referencia: TBUD-150


The TBUD-150 card lets you add two loops per card to your CAD-150-8 Analogue Fire Control Panel.

Each loop may control up to 250 elements, and a limitless number of detectors and modules can be installed. The communication and power supply between the loop elements and the fire control panel is carried out through 2 wires. The element connection supports non-polarity.


     Expandable Two Loops Card for CAD-150-8 Fire Control Panel

Technical features

Panel Loop Card
Loop features:
  Maximum quantity of elements: 250
  Maximum load: 400 mA
  Maximum loop length: 2 Km
  Maximum cable resistance: 44 Ohm
  Maximum cable capacity: 500 nF/Km

Operating temperature: From -5ºC to +40ºC
Relative humidity: 95% without condensation



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